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cus, jsme klan Wanted, TS je ts04.multigaming.pl:9775 , ve hre nick nejcastej Razor,Drtivec,Depresy
ahoj pujdu do hry tak zkusim napsat ale jeste nemam 25 takze ti toho moc nenapisu ale hadam ze jste asi seci v jednom klanu zajdu na vecu na wcko a zkusim dorazim a neco poexpit ;)
i said it for fun . i tell you sorry after . and you dont unban me im play 1 month . all time farm . without bot . and you ban me for 1 time . to see what it would look like. if they happened to you. -1 char without bot you lose
Hi, I want to make a complaint for a theft in the accounts (1destronkk) (2destrorkr) . , I wanted to know if you can tell me since ip was done and that other characters logged into that ip, and also know if it is possible to recover things. the robbery was on 01/30