Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use old interface?
Yes, you can! -
I see four Gondor servers?
Choose the server with the lowest ping, it's just proxy servers.
Minimum lvl to do offline shop?
How many off shops from 1 pc?
M-Coins tradeable?
How to report a bot?
Open new ticket!
Free teleports till any lvl?
No, after a month, as a bonus for new players.
Can I login 10 boxes?
No, 3 Client limit per PC.
NPC Buffer?
No, only Newbie Guide, Retail - 8-25lvl
I bought M-Coins but I don't have them in inventory?
You must send them from UCP to the game.

Log in to UCP

Transfer ->
Select character ( Receiver) ->
Enter Amount ->
Log out of the game ->

Low FPS when playing with boxes?
You can try to remove SG Plugin: Lineage II\system\SmartGuard\Plugins\MultiWin.dll
( The plugin disables forced lowering of FPS in inactive window mode. It will be useful when playing multiple windows. )