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    CP Vikings CP

    Gl bratans
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    I think you gonna cry in giran, after 3 weeks
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    Oly 2 weeks

    Top clans will have Strong clans always fiind a way to succes in oly. If you have a strategy I think you can do some heroes, even if your clan is not on3 of the best.
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    Oly 2 weeks

    +you need 9 people to start the Olympias. No clan will have people to make 3 chains, to think about some feed. Beside this, in 14 days you can't rly feed in the first days, when you have 18 points
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    Oly 2 weeks

    I think you didn t played any mordor so far. Usually a side pick most of the heroes because the others don't have so many farmers, and in the last days you can't rly sneak any good hero. In 15 days oly period, you can't rly farm points and feed so many chars. With this new setup where you need...
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    CP Supreme Group

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    Oly 2 weeks

    For late game I think olympiad 14 days it's a good choice. Randoms and low lvl clans will have a chance to try get some heroes as well. Think about it.