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    Cuz expect the first edition, i played on all of them, so after 3 years i pretty much know whats going to happen, tbh, seeing your reactions, you are full of hate, agression, arrogance, no wonder nobody wants to play with you. Also what are you doing here? There is a well known low rate IL...
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    Rivendell- Server Description

    Dear Admins, I have a question, as i read in the Rivendell server description , the olympiad period still in question. Will you make a poll about it like last time if its going to be 1 month or 2 weeks? Olympiad Period- ? / Olympiad duration period - 20:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1). and I have...
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    15 years ago ppl did not know the game 100% everything was new, even nowadays there are still ppl dont know how to farm properly in IL ( after so many years) and thats not our problem, still i would say 80% of ppl already know this game from A to Z... I can talk only about my point of view. I...
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    Its only my opinion, Mordor is the best IL server , there is once a year when i can return to IL ( I love IL ) , rest of the year either i rest or im playing other Chronicles. This server could be good but when the community is sh1t , there is nothing Admin can do. They can make as many...
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    Its your opinion, and i have my own. Only i can remember is cry every single day about every single sh1t on both side... i did not named specific sides or clans like you, whos always right and never make mistakes, and only here to blame somebody else. I admit if i make mistake but from you all i...
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    Last server was sh1t, full of bullsh1t server politic decisions, emoquits and crys. 2020 server was great 4-5 months of pvps...
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    It was always the last 3 years
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    Last Mordor EG left in August , so prbly you left after 3 weeks as you will do now too.
  9. IPlayHandball

    Oly 2 weeks

    There is no way that this situation will happen. Noblesses were never problem but getting ppl to make olympiad is often problem. Not everybody likes to do it but its necessary for the side to be stonger by heros.
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    Oly 2 weeks

    Less time to feed, less time to sneak....less olympiad period , more fights ,more ppl , more chance to interrupt it properly. Oly with epic on same time = decisions/ chance for balance heros between sides = quality over quantity ( no more 80% heros on 1 side) On 30 days olympiad most crowded...
  11. IPlayHandball

    Problem with map ingame

    I can open and close to the map with alt+m , tho i cant use skills on the skillbar after i opened the map just if i click somewhere, in that situation i have the same.