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    CLAN SecretSmile

    this didnt age well
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    Neni nahodou wanted alt klan tygrisek? pokud vim tak jste jste pro ne tak 3 hodiny delelvelovali na tom poslednim Baium cirkusu. Nebo jste jen hodne dobri kamaradi?
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    help pls

    generally speaking destros cannot vamp themselves enough until you start reaching fullbuff. that includes songs and dances.
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    CP Vikings CP

    "Odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge... but I would give far more." mix of saints, toxic, and few others see you on the battlefield, gl & hf
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    @AleQteam yes, they play with Tygrisky. No @srr i don't think they gonna leave in 3 weeks.
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    Mystic w/bow or polearm

    Polearm accuracy penalty applies to all classes regardless if they are mage or fighter. There are no penalties for using physical attack to kill mobs on mages. You just lack all useful skills (including passives) and have garbage stats that matter (STR, DEX, CON).
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    Oly 2 weeks

    any update on this @Admin ?
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    Some ideas for better server.

    is it though? how many boxes do you really need to farm solo? nuker + se + bd + ee + pony? destro + wc + sws + bd + cat? you know its possible to farm without fullbuf right? 1+3 is already a compromise between no-box players and no-limit players
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    Tough and Beggars(В бой идут одни старики)

    how about we dial down these delusions of grandeur. nobody has a fucking clue who you are. even if you and your bunch of has-beens grind here for months most ppl will still say "shade who?". pve in l2 is not without competition. as in one cp can out-pve other cps. if you can't find fun in that...
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    LF CP Isolat0r

    10h/day as sws is some hardcore shit.
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    weight limit from premium(Olympiad)

    yeah but how many ppl will have this issue of too many sets on oly? seriously we are talking about 3-5 chars in the end. so maybe @badjoke is right. who cares?
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    .expon / .expoff feature shall not be bundled with premium

    yes. its a quality of life improvement. personally id love to see premium feature that will force top cps to donate from time to time. most of the clans/cps ive played with its donate first 1-2 days then nothing until the end of server. why would my clan/cp donate anything when i dump 100kk to...
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    strider bug

    its feature, not a bug. strider with d/s would be massive boost for destros. destros dont need boosts on interlude.
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    .expon / .expoff feature shall not be bundled with premium

    i disagree. there are very few features for premium account that cannot be considered p2w. .expon/.expoff is one of them. aq chars dont need expoff, just put one high-level char in party with destros/sorks and you get 0 xp. zaken is also never an issue, there is always high lvl in party. when...
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    premium = vip from NO EXP/SP/DROP/SPOIL BONUS! Global chat: once every 10 minutes, will be displayed as Trade chat, message must start with ^ .expon / .expoff - works only for premium account. Double your...