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New Profile Posts

  1. CRONOSdudu
    CRONOSdudu Admin
    Mr. GM will not make any event?
    Are you delivering to the end?
  2. byczek
    byczek Zaboroo
    to jak?
  3. byczek
    byczek Zaboroo
    daj znać jak będziesz, dogadamy się co do tej deski
  4. pokemon
    pokemon Admin
    dont ignore me really need your help
  5. pokemon
    pokemon Admin
    can i somehow reach you to talk with you??
  6. Wariat
    you go there?:D
  7. Zmeq7
    Zmeq7 Wariat
    valhala .ru
    no, I will guarantee you that no one of the tygryski. if so we'll throw it away
  9. jef222
    jef222 Admin
    hey I was play my char and I take dc. I try too log my char again and I see I have danned form the server Why?or is any problem ??
  10. Livitos
  11. FinalxFantasy
    Only Strong Game
  12. Sinner219
    Sinner219 Zorpak
    Cześć, jak u ws sytuacja wygląda ?:) każdy solo i do przodu czy coś więcej ?:))
  13. TheQuest89
  14. TheQuest89
  15. MafiaMike
    MafiaMike SmileR
    hello my friend from l2 dex classic ;P
  16. Qlka
  17. ABY
    ABY Romanoff
    I am 33 yo, I am from France, I play Lineage since 12 years maybe more.
    This my favorite chronicle.
    I m looking for a clan,
    I think, I am an active player, my play time zone is mostly the attention almost every days.

    I will play Human Archer or Titan.
    I m experienced player.

    If you agree this application answer me, then i will give you my nickname in game.

  18. Zmeq7
    Zmeq7 ReaLH
    kolko choveka shte pochvate? nie zasega sme 4
  19. Serj
    Serj BOG
    Sal. Poti intra pe teamspeak (TS u vostru ,adica al ui treshak) sa discuti cu Yolo despre CP? poate facem ceva cu totii impreuna pe l2mordor
  20. Joaco1995
    Joaco1995 Virus
    vas a armar un clan o algo?