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Dear Admins,

I have a question, as i read in the Rivendell server description , the olympiad period still in question. Will you make a poll about it like last time if its going to be 1 month or 2 weeks?
  • Olympiad Period- ? / Olympiad duration period - 20:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1).

and I have a suggestion about penalty when Clan war is cancelled
  • New: When Clan war is canceled - pledge who canceled the war will loose 50 CRP points.
I like that idea but i would put the penalty higher then 50 CRP, we have every year this kind of problem on all sides, as we tried last year with 2 weeks of oly system ( which i liked it i guess was pretty good ) this year if we give actual penalty for cancelling war lets do it right and put a high price for it, 50 crp i feel a bit cheap. I hope there will be at least same amount of clans and cps like last year and from pvp 50 CRP comes pretty much fast back so I would punish more severely.

Edit: 2nd question:

Getting Augmentation skills stays like on previous editions like high Ls gives purple skills and Top LS gives red skills?
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1. We decided to increase the CRP count to 100.
2. There have been some changes, we recommend to log in to OBT and test it ;-)